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Kim Bowker

Kim Bowker

Kim Bowker has worked in the renewable energy industry for 25 years and currently does Technical Sales for the altE Store, a Massachusetts based distributor of solar and energy storage equipment.  Raised in Philadelphia, Kim began to develop a deep respect for nature and tall mountains after moving to Colorado in the 1980’s. Her interest in a clean environment led to a passion for clean energy and, eventually, a B.S. in Applied Environmental Technology with a focus in Wind Energy. Three states and fifteen years later she moved to Eaton, NH to live with her partner, David, in a timber-frame house that he built on family land. Walking or snowshoeing on this land with the dogs is the highlight of every day. Kim is a member of the Tin Mountain Energy Team (formerly TMREI) and has served on the Tin Mountain Board of Trustees since 2018.