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What We Do


Tin Mountain Conservation Center’s commitment to energy conservation and renewable energy is evident on the roofs of the Nature Learning Center and the Intern Cabin on the Albany Campus.  Solar panels and photovoltaic panels are the source of both heat and electricity for both the NLC and Cabin.  A separate array of PV panels also helps provide energy.  Solar heated water is stored in two tanks in the basement of the Nature Learning Center and then circulated for radiant floor heating throughout the building.   When the sun is not shining, a wood-fired TARM boiler supplements our energy use.

An electric vehicle charging station is located at the back of the building to recharge electric vehicles. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by lessening fossil fuel use, is one way to lower carbon footprints and emit fewer greenhouse gasses that lead to climate change.

Tin Mountain connects residents of the Mount Washington Valley with various opportunities for them to reduce their carbon footprint, while saving money in the process.

Explore the resources below to learn more about energy efficiency and savings. 

Window Dressers

Every year, since fall 2021, Tin Mountain partners with Window Dressers to host local community builds in the Mount Washington Valley. Window Dressers is a non-profit, based out of mid-coast Maine, that focuses on strengthening community through building custom made window inserts. The barn-raising style volunteer model of neighbors helping neighbors improves the energy efficiency of homes and lower energy costs. Building inserts at community workshops also helps keep the price of the inserts down (50%-75% cheaper than commercial products). 

Interested in learning more about Window Dressers? Learn more at the Window Dressers website.

Interested in ordering window inserts for your home? Contact Nora Dufilho for more information.

Energy Team

The Tin Mountain Energy Team is a group of local volunteers working towards increasing the awareness of renewable energy and energy conservation initiatives. Energy Team activities range from hosting educational workshops to helping navigate resources regarding rebates.  Every year the Tin Mountain Energy Team partners with Window Dressers to  construct window inserts that  improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs for both individual homeowners and public buildings.

If you are interested in learning more about the team or have a topic you would like to see tackled, please contact TMCC Program Director, Nora Dufilho.