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Community Science

Christmas Bird Count

Since 1989, Tin Mountain Conservation Center has organized an annual Christmas Bird Count (CBC) in the Mount Washington Valley. During a single day in mid-December, Tin Mountain staff and volunteers canvass the area to record both the species and number of birds observed. The data we collect is sent into The National Audubon Society, collated with CBC data across the country, and used to identify trends in wintering bird populations nationwide.

NABA Butterfly Count

Since 1983, the North American Butterfly Association (NABA) has been leading butterfly counts throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. Tin Mountain Conservation Center leads a monitoring team to count butterflies within a 15 mile radius of a fixed location within the Mount Washington Valley. Training sessions cover how to count, identify and record the butterflies. Several training sessions are offered by numerous organizations, including Tin Mountain, to familiarize volunteers with butterfly identification before the official count day in July. We look forward to having you join Tin Mountain in this community science endeavor!

Big Night

Each spring on the first warm, rainy night of the season, amphibians emerge from their underground over-wintering locations to travel to vernal breeding pools where they mate and lay eggs. Thousands of salamanders and frogs move across the landscape at this time. In New Hampshire, pioneered by the Harris Center for Conservation Education, volunteers provide safe crossings for thousands of amphibians throughout the state. We hope you consider joining TMCC in this Community Science activity by counting and moving amphibians safely across the roads during the Big Night!

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